The BlackBerry and Ford have extended their collaboration

BlackBerry issued a press release in which it said about the new stage of cooperation between the canadian company and automaker Ford. It is no secret that the Sync system of all generations for the onboard PC of cars Ford is based on QNX. And the eponymous company is engaged in this operating system is a subsidiary of BlackBerry.

At the moment, as stated in the document, more than 60 million vehicles Ford has used various versions of Sync. But the market is slowly moving towards Autonomous cars. To be one of the first Ford enlists the help of a BlackBerry. In this case, it means that Canadians will allocate to work on projects of AVTOVAZ separate command QNX.

As a result, Ford will use the QNX Neutrino OS, security technologies Certicom, QNX hypervisor, QNX and to process the audio when creating the next generation of connected cars. A lot of new developments will subsequently be used on unmanned vehicles.

In the press release even says that Time magazine called QNX technical company, which for the market of modern cars means the same as Microsoft for PC market. Even Apple lured to work for him a few key specialists in this company.

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