The black version of the smartphone OnePlus 3T Midnight Black will appear outside fashion boutiques

Despite the fact that black, white, gray and gold colors on the smartphone market has become boring, if you don’t give buyers any of them, then the appearance can be beat as something special.

Recently we found out that OnePlus will release a smartphone OnePlus 3T colette edition, eye-catching black color, but only in the amount of 250 copies. This idea appealed to fans of the company, said the subsequent vote on the manufacturer’s page on Twitter.

In the end, OnePlus decided to release a black version, calling it OnePlus 3T Midnight Black. It needs to be on sale soon. However, again a limited edition. Apparently, it is not so limited, as in the case of colette edition, but still.

The limitations of the company explains the complex process of painting. Allegedly only after 30 attempts OnePlus got the right color and to paint with a thickness of 14 microns involved «specific process».



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