The Bitcoin exchange rate reached $ 3,500

Last week, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is divided into two: Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. Some analysts said that after that we can expect a critical decline in the exchange rate and other horrors.

However, yesterday the rate of the currency set a new record, surpassing the mark of $ 3,500, and capitalization exceeded 55 billion dollars! However, then there was a small pullback and now the cost of one coin is about 3300 dollars.

But it’s still significantly more than it was before the separation, when the rate fluctuated around the level of $ 2,700. Against this background, began to grow courses and other cryptocurrencies. For example, the popular coin Ethereum a week ago, cost about $ 220 and is now $ 290.

With regard to Cash bitcoins, its exchange rate now is about $ 320, which is twice lower than a week ago.


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