The best pedicure in 2018

A woman must be perfect in everything. If well-groomed nails on the hands are constantly in sight, then to a pedicure are more loyal, believing that the toes can just cover a plain lacquer and to forget about them. Stylish trends pedicure 2018 will allow you not only to care for the nails on the feet, but to make them beautiful and graceful.

Undoubtedly, the spring-summer period is the best time to create a wide variety of designs pedicure, because at this time the maximum fashionable women bare their legs by wearing open sandals, flip-flops, mules, etc. we Offer to your attention a detailed overview of popular trends pedicure 2018, which will be the basis for your own unique nail art.

Stylish pedicure 2018: Ideas, trends, news

Making a excellent pedicure, you open yourself to the opportunity to wear such shoes which you want.

Monochrome pedicure 2018

Solid pedicure is a versatile and classic option for decorating your nails. This is the best solution for flawless nail art toenails.

It is difficult not to agree that monochrome pedicure can make each girl on their own. Moreover, you can choose any color that does not need to match the shade of nail Polish.

For a solid manicure choose not only the traditional colors – black, white, blue, and more bright – orange, gold, wine, blue, coral, green.

Don’t be afraid to look with such a pedicure too provocatively. It looks especially stylish in that case, if complemented by your clothing style.

Pedicure with simple drawings 2018

Do fashionable pedicure is unthinkable without a variety of figures that can transform even the most simple and concise black and white design.

In the new season of complex and ornate drawings give place unobtrusive and thoughtful compositions. Popular designs are flowers, geometric shapes, cartoon-like drawings in the form of faces, animals, abstract combinations.


Increasingly, fashionistas combine a pedicure once a few basic techniques. For example, focus 1-2 finger floral prints, and the rest cover a plain lacquer.

As a whole, professionals are advised to adhere to in the design of nails on the legs of the main spring and summer motifs. And it’s not only the flowers, leaves and other floral subjects. Make pedicure with polka-dots, romantic curls, delicate prints.

Luxury pedicure with rhinestones 2018

To do this kind of pedicure is more complicated than, for example, monochrome, so fashionistas will require the maximum planning and full compliance with the design ideas.

Pedicure with rhinestones ought to not include additional elements – drawings, prints and other colourful accents. Together with rhinestones this design will look too «hard».

Best pedicure with rhinestones – decoration pebbles one finger (usually the big toe), the other covered by a solid varnish.

Fashionable moon pedicure 2018

This popular technique was borrowed from the manicure, which presents a huge number of nail arts with the original hole in the root zone.

For the lunar pedicures follow the same ideas as in the manicure. Today, in addition to the classic oval, triangular trend, double angled holes. Also nice nail art reverse design the lunar, so-called «smile».

To create a lunar pedicure is enough to have only 2 nail Polish colors. One of them (most often light shades) is used for staining of the basal hole, and the second – for the rest of the surface of the nail.

Perfect lunar pedicure 2018 made in delicate pastel shades of milky white, chocolate milk, cinnamon, etc. This design looks very feminine and elegant, it is appropriate in any situation and under any shoes.

Trendy French pedicure 2018

French has long been synonymous with nail art, so a manicure and pedicure this technique is often found on the nails of fashionistas. In the new season French manicure is not only not lost its popularity, it became even more interesting and original.

Ideas for a pedicure you can also draw from the main trends of the French manicure. Here is also relevant unusual shape of the strip, its location and shades.

Trendy pedicure Ombre 2018

Ombre for a few seasons has become popular in all beauty areas. A smooth transition from one color to another, used in clothing, hair coloring, manicure and pedicure.

Contrast gradient on nails looks very impressive especially in the spring and summer. Nail masters offer to use 2-3 shade to create the Ombre pedicure. Moreover, the transition can be both horizontal and vertical.

Actual color for fashion pedicure 2018

Stylish pedicure 2018 is saturated with bright, positive colors. Experts advise to adhere to the combination of rich and tranquil colours in one design.

Relevant in 2018 will be such colors as green, red, all shades of yellow, green, purple, scarlet, Bordeaux and others. Trendy pedicure in orange, turquoise, lavender color will impress many girls. I want to highlight the black design, which will be in trend throughout the year.

New 2018 – the use of the design of nails of several textures. To create this popular pedicure combine matte and glossy lacquers in one color, complementing it with micro beads or large print.

Perfect color pedicure 2018

If you want to have your toenails looked modest and well-groomed, without bright rhinestone and unusual techniques, we offer you to familiarize yourself with a few tips on choosing the right colors pedicure every day.

Bright color pedicure makes your feet more concise and focused. Saturated colors allow you to visually create the feeling of a clear form of a nail, which makes them much more graceful.

Discard the mother-of-pearl, shimmer and other complex decorations. On the feet, your design will still not be visible, and the image is smack in the trends of the 80-ies.

When choosing paint for a pedicure, make sure the color blends seamlessly with your shoes. The only exception is all shades of red that fit virtually any sandals, Sands and open shoes.

Stylish pedicure 2018 – the perfect complement to the unique image of a girl. Take note of a few of the ideas presented in the article, and you will easily be able to create a fashionable nail design for legs.

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