The best ideas for creative manicure 2018

The word «manicure» each of us is the most different of the Association. For some, it’s manicured nails classic shape, covered with a lacquer pastel shades for other designs on the nails is a way of expression and a great opportunity to show their creative abilities.

If pastel French manicure or moon manicure that is all about creative and unusual design is hard to find something new. In our review we will try to fill this gap and provide you with the most original ideas and unusual calling manicure for every day and for festive events.

Creative nail designs pictures ideas 2018

Unusual look to your manicure create the first decorations that will complement to the main hue of the varnish. Color decorative coating pick as vividly as possible and richer. Pastel and transparent basis unless it is appropriate as a base or topcoat.

Choose red, emerald, Burgundy, deep blue, orange, lemon and other shades of varnish. These colors can best convey the mood and are considered a best choice for creative design.

As for decorations, here the girls offers a huge selection:

  • rhinestones of different diameter, color and material (plastic, square)
  • the micro beads
  • tinsel
  • tape for decoration
  • stamping
  • stickers and more

In addition, you can create unique nail art using nail brushes yourself by decorating your nails with unique patterns.

The caviar manicure

Such a design will not leave anyone indifferent. To create the caviar manicure, you will need to Polish-base or base and a special micro beads that is in a large assortment of nail shops.

In the sale you will find kits with beads of a certain color, allowing you to create monochrome caviar manicure. But for the creative design would require a set with the micro beads of several shades, preferably bright. For example, «Sunny» complete with orange, yellow, turquoise and pink flowers.

Caviar manicure is easy to create in home conditions. For this purpose, pre-treated nails apply base coat, preferably in the tone of the micro beads. On a piece of paper or other convenient surface pour small amount of beads. Alternatively, rolling motion, every finger is dipped in the mass, paying attention to hard to reach places on the nail.

The nail should be completely covered with micro beads, otherwise open the «Islands» will look ugly.

A creative manicure with pendants

Pierced nails is hardly a new nail design, however, firmly take root in everyday images, this technique could not. But as a manicure one evening piercing on the nail is fine.


Pendants look better on long nails, deprived of blood vessels and nerve receptors. On a short manicure high probability to hurt and injure the skin.

Creative manicure 2018 with spikes

If design with rhinestones today is no surprise, the manicure with studs will not remain without attention. You need to be really brave nature to create on their nails like nail art.

Design with spikes fitted perfectly in the theme images, for example, for youth parties, Halloween and other holidays.

Velvet manicure

Design with delicate villi on the marigolds are particularly relevant in the winter. It can be to complement the image of a fur coat, fur vest, or be the main element of the original outfit.

To create a velvet manicure these elements are used as decoration:

  • flock – fine fibers of cotton, cashmere or wool
  • velvet sand
  • velvet powder

The classic flock is usually so small that creates a soft velour cover on nails, but some ladies go even further and create a unique manicure with longer fibers. Looks like this design is very unusual, but nor is this effect we want to achieve.

Creative nails

Original drawings and prints can liven up even the most simple design, the main thing correctly to pick them up and place on the nail plate. Among the most stylish patterns, preferred by many fashionistas considered geometry.

The trend is smooth correct lines on the nails topical for several seasons. Amateur severe style, choose geometrical patterns as the basic for everyday nail art.

School manicure

Floral and animal prints look quite ordinary, so girls tend to find new original ideas for unusual decorations for their nails. One of these innovations can be called a manicure in the style of «school, I miss you». As figures for this nail art are selected chemical and mathematical formulas, Cribs, and even portraits of the great writers.

Such a design will perfectly fit the image of 1 September or the usual routine. For those who have already finished school, but still nostalgic about this carefree time of the school of nail art will also look great.

Creative design with stamping

How to make an unusual manicure, if you do not possess special artistic abilities? To the rescue of these girls come the cliches that easily «draw» on your nails any patterns and prints.

The variety of stamps allows you to create the most unusual abstract paintings, floral and animalistic prints. It’s enough to cover the decorative nail or gel Polish in 2 coats, allow to dry and apply the stamp onto the prepared surface of the nail.

The original magnetic nail Polish

Varnishes with metallic particles – the present opening of the nail industry. This creates the original deep shades, cat-like eyes.

To create «cat» manicure need special magnets, the usual is not suitable. Use them to create unusual patterns and weave of the magnetic particles.

Creative manicure is always bright, unusual and catchy. The original design is the one that you created yourself, using all the achievements of modern nail industry. Beautiful and unusual art will never be left without attention, can not be said about the classical techniques of manicure.

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