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Lately, girls are more likely to choose lace or fishnet manicure. Previously, he was mainly associated with the wedding, today the manicure with lace are increasingly found in everyday life. This is not surprising, because it harmoniously combines finesse, beauty, accuracy, romance and tenderness.

Features lace manicure

To perform lace manicure can be used with a special glue that some can cause allergic reactions, so before the procedure, it is desirable to conduct the test. As a fixer you need to use a special coating. Regular clear lacquer for these purposes is not suitable, as they are able after drying distort the lace.

To create a fishnet nails you can use special stickers. Their mount is usually no problem, and they look no worse than lace. But they have the drawback to last long on the nail they can not.

The color of the lace manicure can be absolutely anything, the most important that it fits harmoniously into the overall style. A good Supplement can become bows, satin ribbons and other decor that will highlight the lace design.

Fishnet French

Lace manicure goes well with classic French. He looks tenderly and solemnly, therefore, such a design often chosen by the bride, although it will be relevant in everyday conditions. To make lace you can all marigolds or highlight it using the accent.

It can be a smile design nail openwork ornament. The width of the smile can be different and sometimes even reaches one third of the area of the nail plate. Very unusual looks asymmetrical sloping smile, decorated in lace ribbons.

If the lace decided to use only for accent nails, you can smile to leave white, and the nail is covered openwork mesh. For a festive manicure, you can use the rhinestones or acrylic sculpting, in addition to the fishnet French. A great option for a special event will be the black lace on French manicure, supplemented with Golden highlights.

Openwork moon manicure

No less elegant is the combination of lace with the lunar design manicure. Similarly, the French, the mesh can be applied by brush or by means of stamping. It is important that its shape was clearly curved. Fishnet mesh can be applied to all nails and use it to focus on 1 or 2 of them.

In the lunar manicure with lace is possible to make the hole, or on the contrary to cover the nail plate, while the hole remains unpainted or is painted in one color.

Delicate matte manicure

Incredibly gorgeous lace looks on a matte surface. For this purpose, the nails are painted matte varnish, then lacquer the surface normal is drawn openwork pattern. A manicure can be made in one color or using contrasting colors. The better it will look in rich dark tones.

Impeccable taste able to emphasize the manicure, where the black lace covers the beige matte finish. Such a design would be appropriate for the festivities, and in everyday life.


Fishnet red manicure

This manicure will surely attract attention. Perfect on a red background will look white or black lace, although depending on the image, you can use other shades.

Black and white lace manicure

The most popular options manicure lace designers include a translucent black veil, with small white inclusions. Girls with gorgeous long nails better to make a black lace with a delicate smoky transition.

For those who have nails of medium length, you should choose white lace. This design can make the nail plate look a mile long.

Those who want to always be the center of attention, designers offer to put on the nails of aristocratic monogram in black and white. Elegant and feminine looking jacket with lace in black and white. It would be appropriate, in the office or at a party.

The combination of black and white looks very attractive and elegant. In addition, for a manicure to any outfit.

Lace manicure with rhinestones

Delicate patterns themselves can decorate the nails as they look incredibly elegant and stylish. But even more interesting this manicure will look if optional decorate it with rhinestones or sequins.

Lace wedding manicure

Just as wedding nail Polish was originally used lace patterns. This design in perfect harmony with light fabrics wedding dresses. Lace wedding manicure can be made in white, pink or beige. Not superfluous will be here rhinestones, silver or gold sand.

Lace manicure at home

To create a classic fishnet manicure you will need:

  • basis;
  • white lacquer;
  • lace;
  • tweezers;
  • scissors;
  • fixer.

For starters, fingernails have to prepare and cover the base layer. After it dries cover with white lacquer. Lace in advance to cut the perfect cuts that perfectly match the shape and size of the nail plate.

In the next step, again apply the nail base, which can be replaced with a transparent varnish and before it dries, using tweezers to place the top piece of lace. On top of the applied fixer.

Not less gentle and elegant on nails looks like imitation lace. To apply a pattern brush can use special stencils or stamping. There are also stickers that can repeat openwork hand painted. Particularly in demand these stickers would when creating a French.

Lace manicure can be seen more often on women’s nails. And this is not surprising because he is capable of any way to make a more refined and delicate. It is suitable not only for weddings or other formal events, but also as an everyday option. Besides, every girl will be able to do it yourself.

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