The beginning of sales of Apple earbuds AirPods postponed again

Announced in early September along with the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Apple AirPods wireless headphones were supposed to go on sale in October. However, at the end of October start of sales was delayed because the manufacturer, he said, needed «a little more time before the AirPods will be ready for customers.» In the first half of November, the subject came up again: some sources claimed that Apple AirPods wireless headphones can be sold in a week. However, the novelty has not appeared in the sale not after a week or two. According to new information, the beginning of sales of Apple earbuds AirPods postponed again.

At this time, the company says nothing about the reason for the delay. According to the source, invoking the informant close to the developers, the device was harder than it seemed initially. Unlike headphones with a Bluetooth interface, which receive a common radio signal, and connected one wire to each earphone AirPod uses a separate wireless connection to the source. Because of the nature of Bluetooth, a signal is supplied to left and right channel with different delays, that is, no synchronization.

It’s possible that Apple will not have time this year to enjoy the seasonal rise in demand, selling headphones for $160.

Source: Engadget



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