The basis of the system of self-driving generated by the Delphi and Mobileye, is a single-chip system Intel

Source published some details about the self-driving car system CSLP, which is planning to show at CES 2017, the company Delphi and MobilEye.

Allegedly, the basis for system self-driving car created by the manufacturer of components for vehicles and developer of systems for driver assistance using cameras is a single-chip system Intel. Reuters said Vice President of Delphi.

According to the source, this is an important step for the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor products, which together with the BMW Group and Mobileye intends to create an open platform for self-driving cars. While Intel is not able to extend its dominant position in the fast-growing segment of automotive electronics. Meanwhile, it is expected that the arrival of driverless cars will radically change the transport and will create an impressive market for electronics manufacturers.

The first application area of automated driving, created by Delphi and Mobileye to present Delphi called the vehicles running in limited areas. The company has already started testing self-driving car in Singapore. By the end of this year in Delphi hope to choose a city in the United States for further testing in 2017. As possible candidates named by the Pittsburgh and Boston. In addition, for the same purpose the company is looking city in Europe.

Source: Reuters


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