The basis of the computer case Cooler Master Cosmos C700P was the concept of MasterConcept, created with the participation of the user community

Cooler Master presented the case for PC, called Cosmos C700P. It has found application with many of the ideas borrowed from the concept of MasterConcept, created with the participation of the user community.

So, the basic principle in the design of MasterConcept has become universal, thanks to which the user can place all the components in the housing at its discretion. In the case C700P motherboard mounting can be rotated to the upward flow of warm air from the graphics card vertically out of the housing faster, besides, creating a chimney effect, improves the cooling of other components. In addition, the design allows you to expand the clamp so that the motherboard and all components are on the right side of the body. Finally, you can even remove mount to mount most of the components to the Board and then lock it in the housing.

Another convenient feature of C700P are metal handles which have become a regular element of the entire Cosmos.

The case holds the charge size up to E-ATX and up to eight expansion cards. Compartment size 5.25 inches is removable, which allows in total to set up to 9 drives size 2.5 or 3.5 inches. Staff at the front and rear walls secured along one 140 mm fan. All in all, the building has 12 points for the installation of 120-mm and 140-mm fans. Of course, instead, you can put the radiators of liquid cooling systems (on the front wall is placed the radiator length is 420 mm high and 360 mm). By the way, the maximum height of the CPU cooler is equal to 198 mm. the Maximum allowable length expansion card — 320 mm (490 mm, if you remove the basket for storage).

The body side panel is made of tempered glass with curved edges. According to the manufacturer, C700P — is the only one on the market case with a side panel of tempered glass with a double curve. The case is decorated with RGB backlight and is equipped with a USB type-C. in addition, there are four USB-A.

With dimensions of 639 x 306 x 651 mm case weighs 26,2 kg.

In Russia’s case Cosmos C700P should appear on sale in November. Its price will be close to the price of the previous models of the series.

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