The balloons of project Loon returned the cellular to the victims of hurricane Puerto Rico

The Google project Google Project Loon had to go to the stage of commercial more than a year ago. However, this did not happen, although nothing surprising, because the project is truly unique and extremely complex.

But test runs Alphabet still held, and recently got the chance again to show the possibilities of this approach. Unfortunately, the reason for this was not very good. Hurricane «Maria», at the end of last month struck including Puerto Rico, left the area with virtually no cell connection.

After obtaining the permission of the relevant authorities, project specialists and used balloons to provide Puerto Rico cellular communications. Unfortunately, the details of this operation. It is unknown exactly how many balls were involved and what territory has been covered. However, the fact that the way people are helped to solve problems with communication, I am happy.

The word «Maria» is already the seventh hurricane in General, and the second of the fifth category in the current year.



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