The average selling price of iPhone is reduced, as the users prefer the new model

New post that was published on the website of Bloomberg analysts talking about a decrease in the average sales prices of smartphones iPhone.

A year ago, the average iPhone selling price was $ 691 dollar, now it has dropped to 688 dollars. At first glance, $ 3 this is a slight difference. But if we remember that only in the last quarter of last year, Apple has sold about 76 million iPhones (according to experts), the reduction in income is from 228 million dollars.

Analyst mark Moskowitz (Mark Moskowitz) explains that many users today prefer to buy iPhone 6S. The fact that smartphones have long reached the technical level at which to change them every year just makes no sense. Even Apple fans using smartphones for a few years or until the device fails.

The second factor was the release last year of the iPhone SE, which was offered to users at a price below the usual. iPhone SE continued to affect the average selling price of smartphones after the release of the iPhone 7.



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