The average contract price of DDR4 memory modules 4 GB in this quarter will increase by 12.5%

Analysts DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, noted the continuing growth of DRAM for the PC. Growth has exceeded expectations as to limit the volume of supplies was compounded by the problems with the quality of the modules, which use chips manufactured at most advanced process technology. According to DRAMeXchange forecast in the current quarter, the average contract price of DDR4 memory modules 4 GB will grow by 12.5% compared with the first quarter. In absolute terms this means an increase from $24 to $27.

According to industry observers, initially the contract price was formed in anticipation of the growth of supply in connection with the transition of Samsung and Toshiba on the norms of 18 nm and 17 nm, respectively. However, both manufacturers are faced with problems, reduce the yield rate of products, so the volume of supply is significantly limited. The result was continued price growth.

Among the performance of the first three only SK Hynix is not yet transferred on the norms of less than 20 nm, while continuing to deliver the planned volumes of production.

Source: IConnect007


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