The average annual growth in sales of smartphones with AMOLED panels almost in 40 times exceeds a similar indicator for devices with LCD screens

Strategy Analytics analysts believe that sales of smartphones by the end of this year will increase by 7%. In the segment of devices with AMOLED displays from 2018 to 2022 will experience average annual growth of 14.9%.

For comparison, the parameter of average annual growth for smartphones with LCD displays for the same period will amount, according to the source, only 0.4%.

This situation is due to the growing popularity of AMOLED panels among manufacturers of smartphones, and decrease in the cost of such products due to the increase in production capacity.

In addition, a lot of rumors suggests that the next (or current) year, the panels will be equipped with AMOLED and Apple smartphones. In addition to Apple and Samsung, the AMOLED panel is actively used by the company Oppo and Vivo, which are among the largest smartphone makers in the world.



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