The average Android smartphone, according to AnTuTu — what is it?

The company AnTuTu told about what features of the Android smartphones today are the most popular among users of the same name of the test application.

More than 72% of users prefer devices with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, followed by displays with a resolution of 1440p and 720p.

If we talk about the diagonal of the display, hold leadership model, size 5.5 inch, second, and third place displays a diagonal of 5.1 and 5.7 inches respectively.

64% of smartphone has single-chip system Qualcomm in second place with a result of around 16% SoC is manufactured by Huawei, the third with a small gap is MediaTek.

More than 60% of single-chip systems have eight cores, Quad-core models take 33% of the market. The 10-core models account for just over 4% of the tested smartphones.

In recent years, the amount of RAM in smartphones is growing rapidly which confirms the statistics of AnTuTu. The first place until that model is 4 GB of RAM (35,5%), but lagging behind smartphones with 6 GB of RAM is very small, it belongs to 32.5%.

The volume flash memory of most popular are models with 64 GB of non-volatile memory (51%), followed by the 32-Gigabyte model (24.2 per cent).

6.0.1 Android remains the most popular version of this OS (31,6%), Android 7.1.1 7.0 and Android has received about 27 and 16%, respectively.

The data reflect the situation as at the end of may this year.



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