The autopilot in the history of the death of the owner of the electric car Tesla fully justified

The U.S. Department of transportation and National control of highway traffic safety United States (NHTSA) has completed the investigation of an accident in which the driver of the Tesla electric car was killed when the autopilot.

Experts came to the conclusion that the autopilot in this story is nothing. That is, it worked exactly as stated by the manufacturer. During the investigation the representatives of Tesla also provided very important statistics that were not previously considered when discussing the car with the autopilot.

All Tesla cars are delivered to owners with a hardware possibility to activate the autopilot, however, in the younger versions, this functionality is required to pay a certain amount, after which it is activated programmatically.

Statistics compiled and provided by the company Tesla, shows that after the installation of the autopilot the frequency of accidents, which are seen in electric cars fell by 40% from 1.3 to 0.8 per 1.6 million km experts once again remind that the activation of autopilot does not absolve the driver from having to carefully observe the situation on the road and be ready to intervene in the operation of the computer.



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