The Austrians have created the biggest LED TV with 4K resolution: 262 inches valued at $539 000

The Austrian company C Seed Entertainment Systems, established in 2009 by Alexander SATCOM (Alexander Swatek), a native of B&O, announced the TV as the truth of gigantic proportions: 262 inches or of 6.65 meters diagonally. Moreover, the product is not intended for outdoor installation and for indoor use in the house or the apartment – unless, of course, will allow the dimensions of the interior space. Because the dimensions of the C Seed 262, is the name of novelty, are not less impressive mass: 6,144 x 2,574 m and 798 pounds!

Used TV matrix has 7 028 736 LEDs. Stated the contrast and brightness is 800 CD/sq m and 5000:1 the refresh rate of the screen is 2880 Hz.

C Seed 262 endowed with a full set of connectors including RS232, two USB, two inputs and one HDMI output, HDMI 2.0, RJ-45, XLR and BNC. The price of the product is impressive the amount of $539 000, however, it should be noted that in case the device has an embedded media server, high quality sound system with eight or ten speakers and a protective fabric screen with electric.

Source: C Seed


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