The Apple will prevent the adoption of a law that will allow anyone to repair the iPhone

Recently, the authorities of Nebraska, Minnesota, new York, Massachusetts and Kansas introduced a bill which should legalize the so-called «right to repair» electronic devices, including smartphones Apple iPhone.

According to plan of authors of the bill, device makers have to sell parts and kits for independent workshops and private clients. In addition, manufacturers will have to put in a network for shared access service and diagnostic manual. Since the number of States who supported the bill, was increased to eight.

Apple does not hide its intention to fight the initiative. A hearing on this matter will be held March 9 in Lincoln, Nebraska. According to sources edition Motherboard, Apple company will be sent to the hearing of his employee, or lobbyist that will act against the law.

One of the arguments that are going to take advantage of Apple is that attempts by users to repair their smartphones can lead to further ignition of the battery.

I should add that in the past the lobbyists Apple and IBM have successfully not allowed to pass such a law, which was discussed by the authorities of new York.



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