The Apple store App twice exceeded Google Play by annual turnover

In addition to success in selling mobile devices, Apple can boast and achievements of the app store the Apple App. Revenue received Apple App, this year was twice the revenue of Google Play — same store for devices with Android OS.

According to the source, this fact gives cause for concern Google. The fact is that in the App Store there are about 2.2 million applications, while Google Play — 2.6 million besides, iOS devices occupy a smaller market share compared to Android devices.

The app store helps Apple earn on services that are just for the quarter brought the company of 7.17 billion dollars, more for example, revenue from sales of iPad tablets and Mac computers. The secret of success is quite simple: many apps in the App Store include subscription services such as Spotify, HBO Now, and others. For the year Apple’s revenue associated with services, increased by 18%.




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