The Apple iPhone is credited with another 8 and a laser sensor for three-dimensional scanning

Today we already reported that the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 may be a display diagonal of 5.8 inches, part of which will be assigned to touch keys. Now, the Network appeared information about the fact that the novelty of copertina can get also a laser sensor for three-dimensional scanning, which can be used for facial recognition.

In addition, the same sensor can be used in technologies related to augmented reality. For example, in games. You can also remember the various usage scenarios of the device, project Tango: measurement of distance, sizes and so on. In theory, something similar can do the Apple smartphone.

Let’s all still just rumors, but we must remember that the iPhone 8, it may indeed not be a fingerprint scanner, so it will need something to replace it. Moreover, the source reports that facial recognition technology will be much more accurate and safer than dactyloscopy.

These reports, among other things, the source is based on the fact that in 2013, Apple acquired Primesense, which develops technology surround vision and participated in the development of the device Microsoft Kinect.



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