The Apple iPhone 8 mounts video several times faster than Samsung flagships

Today sale Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Of course, many of the resources and bloggers were quick to publish their reviews and impressions. Among them we can find and test new products that demonstrate superiority of SoC Apple A11 Bionic over other solutions.

Part of the test less interesting. For example, record the results of the new smartphones in the Geekbench we wrote a week ago.

A little more interesting results in 3DMark IceStorm.

As you can see here the superiority of Apple products is more than impressive. But these tests often do not reflect the performance of smartphone in real tasks. The more valuable something that made the resource specialists Tom’s Guide. They took a two-minute 4K video captured by the drone, loaded into the phones, used the same filters in the relevant and retained.

As you can see, on the iPhone 8 the procedure took 42 seconds, while on Galaxy Note8 — a little more than three minutes, and Galaxy S8+ another minute more. This is a very real scenario, which is interesting for many, because these smartphones and are able to shoot video in 4K.

You can also add that in order to fully download the game Injustice mobile 2 iPhone 8 need 11, iPhone 7 Plus — 14,53 s, and Galaxy Note8 has spent 19 p



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