The Apple iPhone 7 Plus bypassed the Galaxy S8 and other competitors in speed

Experts EverythingApplePro decided to compare the iPhone 7 Plus and several current flagships from the Android camp is speed. They are alternately in two cycles run certain applications and evaluated how much time each of the devices will cope with this task.

In the test, except for the flagship Apple has also participated S8 Samsung Galaxy, LG G6, OnePlus Google Pixel and 3T. Note that this video is interesting not only from the standpoint of comparing «Apple vs all» or «Apple A10 vs Snapdragon 835″, but from the comparison of three different smartphones with the same system-on-chip (Snapdragon 821).

As you can see, the iPhone 7 Plus won this battle, and the gap from competitors is huge. Of course, we should give credit to the iOS optimization by itself and in conjunction with the hardware platform. So there is more correct to say that iOS is speed ahead of Android. Especially the difference is noticeable when you reopen the application.

Second finished not Galaxy S8 as you would think, and OnePlus 3T. The author of the test put him in third place because he lost almost all of the participants in the first round. But it is worth noting that on the second round it took him more than two times less time than other devices with Android.

Galaxy S8 in sum, finished third, while on the first lap — the second, and the slowest, interestingly, turned out to be Google Pixel. And start the device the search giant is also the slowest, although it can hardly be considered a minus.

Finally we note that in this video well see the difference in displaying white screens of smartphones.


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