The Apple employee, whose daughter published a new video with X iPhone, I lost my job

Last week we published a new video, sponsored by Brooke Amelia Peterson (Brooke Amelia Peterson), the daughter of an employee of Apple, visited the headquarters of Apple Park and tested the new smartphone iPhone X.

The video quickly spread to YouTube and became viral, which did not expect Brooke Amelia Peterson, who, according to her, shot the video just for fun and for the archive. At the time when she posted videos on YouTube, she didn’t even have subscribers. Now the channel is only 8 thousand subscribers and 4 videos, of which only the last has gained about 3 million views. In it she talks about what her father due to the aforementioned video have lost their jobs.

The girl claims that were not even aware that by posting the video, she gives her father and violates the rules of Apple.

In 2010, Apple has fired the engineer who showed the iPad 3G one of the founders of the company Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak).



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