The AP Systems are manufactured OLED display with a density of 1000 pixels per inch

In the event iMID 2017 AP Systems spoke about the development in the field of displays, organic light-emitting diode. Advanced deposition mask (FMM) which uses a laser with ultrashort pulses, AP Systems was able to manufacture panels with a density of 1000 pixels per inch. Moreover, as stated, changing the shape of the holes of the mask, it is possible to obtain the value of 1170 pixels per inch.

Displays OLED high density is particularly relevant in virtual reality headsets, because there the screen is close to the eyes, so with a low density a grainy appearance of the image.

In may last year, Samsung showed the panel size of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. These options correspond to the density 806 pixels per inch. According to other sources, in March, Samsung was able to manufacture the AMOLED panel, which is characterized by a density of 1200 pixels per inch.

In November last year, the company Sunic Systems has shown OLED display with a density of 1500 pixels per inch, also manufactured by FMM technology. The increase of the density was achieved by the use of a planar source of evaporable OLED materials, not linear, as is the case in modern production. According to the developer, this technology allows to obtain the density of 2250 pixels per inch.



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