The analyst believes that in the near future the main competitor Apple will become Samsung, and Huawei

Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian white (Brian White) believes that in the foreseeable future the main competitor Apple will become Samsung and Chinese company Huawei.

«I believe that the Chinese will surpass Samsun, most likely, the company will be Huawei, he said. In the future the battle will take place between Apple and Huawei, and behind them will go Samsung and other manufacturers».

According to IDC, in the fourth quarter of last year, Apple and Samsung held approximately 18% of the world smartphone market. Huawei belonged to 11%.

Another analyst Gan Tang (Hans Tung) believes that Samsung is more difficult to surprise people. As for Apple, the company produces hardware solutions and thereby standing out from the competition. For dominance in this market you must create your own ecosystem, what are you working on Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi.

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