The amount of SSD’s GPU Reactor Armor 3D and 3D Triactor up to 2 TB

Moreover, the company expanded its range of SSDs with two new lines – Reactor and Armor 3D 3D Triactor. In the designation of new products specified feature: SSD used NAND with volumetric layout. However, the type of memory varies: 3D MLC NAND in Reactor Armor 3D 3D and TLC NAND in 3D Triactor.

Another feature is noticeably increased amount of memory. For example, if the previous high for devices of each series was 1 TB and now 2TB. Interestingly, Intel did not change himself and still uses SSD controllers Silicon Motion, but the model of the other controller: Silicon Motion SM2246 gave way to Silicon Motion SM2258. Also in the configuration of the SSD is present in the buffer memory and the DRAM cache SLC.

Maximum sequential read speeds are the same for both series – 560 MB/s, maximum sequential write speed is a little different: Reactor Armor 3D – 525 MB/s, Triactor 3D 520 MB/s. performance Data are listed generally: up to 90,000 IOPS with random reads, up to 85 000 IOPS with random write.

Intel has not disclosed the value of storage, but noted that they will be provided a three-year warranty.

Source: Intel



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