The Americans proposed for semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba nearly $ 18 billion

According to the source, referring to the publication Nikkei, the American investment firm Silver Lake Partners and American manufacturer of semiconductor chips Broadcom has offered Toshiba 17.9 billion dollars for its semiconductor production.

Only interest in acquiring shares of the unit Toshiba showed about ten potential buyers. Among them, the source allocates the Western Digital, after buying SanDisk became a participant in a joint venture with Toshiba, and large manufacturers of memory chips, Micron Technology and SK Hynix.

The Board of Directors of Toshiba has approved a plan for the allocation of production chips in the independent enterprise with the subsequent sale in late January. According to reports, Toshiba estimate production to 9-13 billion. Tools needed companies to prevent the loss of equity in connection with the bankruptcy of the American units involved in nuclear energy.

According to Nikkei, the decision to sell will be made before the meeting of shareholders, scheduled for June. Earlier, the shareholders approved the plan of allocation of production chips in an independent company, opening a sales opportunity.

Source: Reuters



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