The Americans have already available the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 with safe batteries

Conflicting information regarding the situation with smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7 comes from United States.

Earlier in the week there were reports that sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in the region again on October 21. Recall, the only specific date that you called Samsung, was 28 September, and it was only in South Korea.

Edition argues that today anyone can purchase a new Samsung Galaxy Note7 with reliable batteries, which offer two of the four largest mobile operators of the USA — Sprint and Verizon. On the Verizon website says it’s tested new smartphones that are approved for sale and exchange Commission on safety of consumer products US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC).

On the other hand, it is reported that today in the United States received a shipment of 500 thousand Samsung Galaxy Note7, which are intended only for the exchange of smartphones from the start of the party.

Simultaneously, Samsung has released a firmware update, after the installation of which smartphones will be replaced, you cannot charge more than 60%. In addition, whenever users put them on charge or turn on the smartphones, they will see a message recommending to switch off the device and exchange it.



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