The American company has purchased, but not used FOR totaling 28 billion dollars

The company’s specialists 1E studied the situation with the procurement and use of software in the corporate sector over the last five years and prepared the report. Published data indicate that companies do not use 38% of the purchased software. Only in the US, it is 28 billion, or $ 247 per user.

The report includes data for 149 companies from 16 industries (a total of 4.6 million people).

Analysts described the application, which often remain out of work. TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio (not used in 67% of cases), SAP Crystal Reports (63%), Adobe InDesign (55%), Adobe Dreamweaver (55%), Microsoft Visio (47%), Adobe Illustrator (47%), Microsoft Project Professional (46%), Adobe Photoshop (42%), Helios TextPad (40%) and Corel WinZip (34%). If we consider the distribution across industries, the most unused IN accounts for the aircraft industry and education (47%).

Source: 1E


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