The aesthetics of movement and comfort: fashion pants spring – summer 2018

The modern woman is forced to constantly move. So the pants easily entered the female wardrobe. Designers demonstrate their collections products made of male type, and is also true feminine.

The versatility of pants attracts the attention of leading figures from the fashion industry. The result is fashionista provided a huge variety of styles, colors and textures.

The main idea of the 2018 season was the elegance and feminine grace. With the help of fashionable products can emphasize the advantages of figure and to securely hide the flaws.

The main directions of fashion 2018

Worldwide already actively demonstrates collections of the new season. It is possible to judge about the women pants in 2018. Truncated models have long been present in the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas. In the new season designers in a wide variety showed all kinds of culottes, Capri pants, breeches.

Cropped trousers hard to call universal. They are rare in winter collections. In addition, they are not recommended to wear girls low growth. The exception will be ensembles with open shoes on high heels.

Flared trousers in the new season

Bell in the new season makes half-hearted attempts to get back on track. Them, while hardly a trend, but some fashion guru turned these pants in their line. Flared from the hip looks very elegant and already belongs to the classics. It is important to choose a sufficiently long model: back they must reach the middle of the heel, and the front slightly to lay the toe of the Shoe.

The right color scheme can help these pants to step forward on the way to the peak of popularity. To avoid irrelevance is to choose shades of pink, beige, cream and other pastel colors. Looks interesting combination of white, gray and black in a single product. In the summer season, it is acceptable to use fabric garish red, orange, turquoise and light green hue.

Culottes at the peak of popularity

The variety of colors and fabrics for the manufacture of culottes will allow you to find your option to any lady. It is important to achieve the perfect combinations, otherwise you can look ridiculous.

It should be remembered that this style visually shortens the leg and steals a foot tall. Only tall and slender girls allowed to wear culottes with flat shoes.

Oversized, cropped pants are perfectly combined with a classic slim-top: jackets, coats, sweaters, shirts, blouses. To complement the ensemble can swing coat or long cardigan. It is important to maintain color harmony. Depending on the season, you can wear the pants of almost any color. For the spring-summer season selection is better to opt for fresh pastel shades. They must match the case and blend with the other elements of my wardrobe. A spectacular addition to ensemble with the culottes will be a massive decoration to match the pants.

Pajama style

Pajama pants are not much different from the previous version. These pants use a softer material and not doing them the arrows. Interesting look products of fine leather, taffeta, silk, jacquard or satin.

Pajama pants with elegant look elegant blouses or tops made of thin transparent fabric. The designers insist that these pants were worn complete with shoes.

Bananas are back in fashion

The craze for retro has led to the fact that on the podium he returned the pants bananas. Minor modifications have turned these pants in modern and stylish clothes for any age. Main feature – advanced silhouette at the hips and narrowing towards the bottom. The versatility of the model allows it to be worn in the office, at a business dinner, a walk or a party.

Original look of the model with a high waist and ankle-length. Bananas are sewn from thick fabric that allows you to wear them in the off-season and cool summer evenings.

The trend also cuts Palazzo and breeches. They look voluminous and stylish. Pants provide comfort and reliably mask the flaws of the figure.

Narrow pipes


In contrast with the wide loose pants effectively on the catwalks look narrow pipes. Elegant pants perfectly accentuate the elegance of the hips and leg length. Length this model can vary with the preferences of their mistress. Versatile style looks great in combination with the sport shoes with the classic heels.

Hybrid skirt with pants

Designers invited to return in new season trousers-skirt. The relevance of the model is not dependent on its design. You can choose the style, where the dress worn over pants, wear pants, which will travel along the hem, and you can stay on an extremely wide pants.

Popular fabrics for the new spring / summer 2018

Warm season involves flying, flowing fabrics in bright colors. Breeches, bananas, Afghani – these models are particularly beneficial to look when they are sewn from these materials. On hot days in these pants you can feel full comfort.

Silk in fashion in any season. This aristocratic and refined fabric perfect for making any parts of your wardrobe. Silk pants of all styles look just fabulous. Their soft glow allows you to keep the femininity in any way. Expensive natural products allow the skin to breathe better, synthetic analogues are easier to care for and are characterized by dazzling brilliance.

Leather in 2018 reached a new level of popularity. It’s used to make outerwear, shoes, belts and bags. Also the skin becomes the basis for skirts, blouses, trousers and tops. The clothing does not have to relate to the attributes of the subcultures. Now leather make pants, whether worn with a classic outfit and even at receptions.

In fashion are pants with a texture on the surface of the skin. It can be animal prints or floral patterns. Narrow models look great with botfortas, high boots and platform shoes. This ensemble can brighten the first days of spring, when the weather is still unstable.

How many years in a row, in the hearts of designers and their clients reigns denim. He’s more versatile than leather. Pants of jeans can be of any shape, length, and style. Also they are in the wide range of shades. A variety of models applies to styles street styles, casual fashion, business fashion, sport-chic and other.

In the top of the natural denim colors. Boiled jeans are still not losing ground and allows a variety of daily clothes, a new bright spots.

Colors of the warm season 2018

On world podiums in the new season will be dominated by shades of pink, green, purple and blue. Have the advantage of all those colors that accentuate a tan and look favorably on dark skin.

For hot days, you can choose juicy shades of red, green and orange. They will provide a boost of energy and good mood. Pure colors of red, black and white also remain in fashion. They can be used in combination or individually to solid pants of any style.

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