The accident at the factory Micron will lead to even higher prices for memory chips DRAM

According to sources, July 1, the company Acer has suspended the factory Fab-2, which produces memory chips DRAM.

The cause was a fault in the dosing system of nitrogen, which resulted in the contamination of semiconductor wafers. Analysts say that because of the accident Micron lost about 60 000 plates, which corresponds to 5.5% of the monthly production volume of the entire industry.

On the one hand, it seems that not so much. But on the other hand, the DRAM already long time is in short supply, and rising prices. So the accident at the factory Toshiba will further aggravate the situation, according to analysts and will lead to further price growth.

In addition, this factory produces, among other things, chips LPDDR4, which are included in the supply chain for the iPhone, so the situation could affect the supply of these devices.



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