Thanks to the markup language SSML voice assistant Alexa will be more like a man

Amazon Alexa — the most common today, the voice assistant, if we consider the diversity of the markets in which it is present. Thanks to the support of third-party developers Alexa boasts thousands of different skills.

But Amazon is not going to rest on our laurels, especially when the market went Google Assistant is the only serious competitor to the Alexa.

As reported on the website Amazon, works to Alexa spoke more naturally. In particular, the voice assistant will teach better to intone, to do the accents, pauses, better pick up the pace, change the volume, pronunciation and so on. This should make it Alexa more similar to a human.

To implement Amazon has provided developers with the special tools such as a standardized markup language, which is called Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). He will help to coordinate speech patterns Alexa in applications.

It is worth noting that Amazon has put some limitations in these tools that will allow developers to use them for other purposes. For example, to make the voice of the Alexa, by contrast, is too artificial, robotic.



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