Thanks to LG Display, the share of smartphones with AMOLED panels by the end of 2018 could exceed 40%

Continuing the series of forecasts, analysts TrendForce has published his thoughts on the smartphone market by the end of this year and next.

Smartphone sales, according to analysts, in 2016 will rise by only 2.5%. At the same time in 2017 is expected to increase by 4.5% to 1.4 billion devices.

Thanks to breakthrough companies Oppo and Vivo, which for some reason does not undertake to explain neither the analyst firm, almost half of all sold at year-end smartphones — the Chinese model. More specifically, those of about 600 million, accounting for approximately 45% of the total market this year. Analysts believe that the explosive growth Oppo and Vivo will stop next year, as both manufacturers concentrated almost exclusively on the home market. In 2017, the Chinese apparatuses in the total volume of sales will be a little more of 45.6%.

Before the market leaders, Samsung and Apple have different tasks. The Korean giant needs to regain customer trust after the failure of the model Note7, copertina need to figure out how to return to sales growth, as at the end of the year Apple sells 11.5% less smartphones than in 2015. Analysts believe that the release of brand-new models in 2017 will lead to an increase of sales by 8.9%.

The source also expects further proliferation of AMOLED panels in smartphones. By the end of 2017, the share of devices with such screens will not exceed 28% due to de facto monopoly Samsung. But in 2018, due to enter the market by LG Display, the share of smartphones with panels, organic LEDs will jump to 40% or even higher.


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