Than Siri threatens the customers of «Sberbank» and «Tinkoff Bank»

In October last it became known that during the lock iPhone personal assistant Siri is able to transfer money to its owner via SMS-banking. As reported by «Vedomosti», in the first nine months Apple was not eliminated the error, and Siri has not lost his abilities.

The source reports that Siri is able to handle the expense of not only the clients of «Sberbank» and «Tinkoff Bank». If on a locked iPhone voice activated Siri and specify the amount and the recipient’s number, the voice assistant will complete the task by sending the required SMS. Came the confirmation code is displayed on the screen, locked phone, then it (again by voice) can be sent to the service number of «Sberbank» (900) to confirm the transfer.

Employee «Vedomosti» has successfully done an experiment with the iPhone, but could not repeat it on your smartphone with Android OS. Personal assistant Google Assistant before sending the SMS message asked me to unlock the smartphone.

Apple representatives did not comment on the situation at the time of publication notes.



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