Texas Instruments has improved all financial indicators, to gain for the quarter of more than $ 4 billion

Company Texas Instruments, among others, today published the financial report. For the manufacturer ended the third quarter of 2017 financial year.

Revenue grew by 12% yoy and reached 4,116 billion. Operating profit increased by 27%, to 1,788 billion dollars, and net profit amounted to 1,285 billion, an increase of 26%. Earnings per share altogether grew 29%, reaching 1.26 dollar.

More than half of the total revenue accounted for analog solutions. More specifically, the proceeds from the sale of such products amounted to 2,698 billion, an increase of 16%. Operating profit of this direction increased by 32%.

Embedded solutions brought the company $ 931 million, which is 17% higher than a year earlier. But the operating profit of this direction increased by 45%. The category «Other», which includes a DLP solution, calculators and ASIC, showed a revenue decline by 13% to 487 million dollars, and operating profit decreased by 14%.

Texas Instruments


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