Tests unknown AMD GPU Polaris 12 show very poor performance

Recently we reported that code in macOS 10.12.2 beta was detected previously unknown mention of AMD graphics. The strangest thing was Polaris 12, as it has never been even a rumor, but logic indicated that it should be GPU for a budget graphics card.

Of course, there remains the probability of error, but according to new data, bugs in the OS code was not. At least mention that the same GPU is in the graphic driver for the new version of Linux.

Moreover, in the game’s database Ashes of the Singularity is the test results of graphics cards, whose identification numbers match the cards bearing an unknown GPU.

The result is more than modest — about 12 K/s and 1100 points. This roughly corresponds to the level of the Radeon R7 250 and GeForce GTX 750.

But that’s not all. Tests of this card are present in the database of GFXBench, where it shows a similarly low level of performance.

We can assume that it is a mobile GPU as much sense to create a separate graphics processor for desktop graphics cards cost about $50 makes no sense. In this segment, and AMD and Nvidia are trying as much as possible to use the old GPU, so as to constantly develop new is simply not profitable.



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