Tests of Cinebench R15 and Fritz Chess Benchmark demonstrate the superiority of AMD CPU Ryzen Intel Core i7-7700K

During the recent New Horizon event, AMD compared its flagship eight-processor Ryzen CPU Intel Core i7-6900K, which also contains eight processor cores.

Solutions showed almost the same level of performance, although AMD was ahead of us. The new company to be much cheaper than the competitor, which was opposed. But a couple of tests, and even very specific, can’t give the full picture.

Slightly adjusted understanding of the opportunities Ryzen allow data on the results of testing this CPU in other tasks.

For example, in Cinebench R15 new AMD scored 1188 points. For comparison, the Core i7-7700K gaining about 966 points, and when working at 5 GHz — 1083 points. If the new flagship AMD and Intel are comparable in price, it is a good bid for victory for AMD. But the Core i7-6900K, which compared Ryzen at the event, gaining for about 1500 points.

In the test, Fritz Chess Benchmark, the situation is slightly different. Based on standard frequency of the CPU Core i7-7700K dials 35, and 52 points against 36.86 points at Ryzen. Again, for similar price it looks good for AMD. But Core i7-6900K shows the result at 47.8 points. Performance in this test, the same procedure is 17 049, 17 and 22 693 500 «kilondo» per second.

Of course, is to wait to test a production model in real applications to evaluate the potential of the new AMD processors. While it is possible to say that the flagship CPU Ryzen, apparently, will be roughly level (or slightly higher) Core i7-7700K, which AMD can be considered a huge achievement. However, the question remains TDP, but the level of power consumption, these CPU is the same (95W).



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