Tests notebook Asus ROG GX800 showed what it is capable of two graphics cards GeForce GTX 1080 in a mobile device

As you know, Asus has already announced that it will use the new mobile Nvidia graphics cards in their laptops. In particular, the monster model ROG GX800 will receive two adapters GeForce GTX 1080 that will make your mobile PC is one of the most productive serial gaming stations.

Colleagues from the resource Techspot has managed to find possibilities of unique laptop and provided the test results. Without further comment we suggest to our readers to assess the capabilities of the PC.

As you can see, even 4K resolution is not able to put on his knees blowing of the most powerful consumer graphics card on the market. Except Crysis 3, which, for a moment, for three years, the bar lowers the average frame rate to 50, but that is enough.

As for the temperature thanks to liquid cooling, it is even lower than that of table adapters.

, GeForce GTX 1080


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