Tests indicate that 5 OnePlus has a protection class IP67, but the manufacturer is not advertised is the water resistance of the smartphone

Presenting smartphone OnePlus 5, manufacturer not a word is said about its degree of protection against penetration of dust and moisture. Moreover, the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau (Pete Lau) previously noted that the resistance forces manufacturers to increase the mass and thickness of the shell smartphone. He acknowledged that some protection from moisture in 5 OnePlus is still there, but the manufacturer decided not to advertise.

However, tests show that OnePlus 5 is to some extent waterproof smartphone. For example, in this video the OnePlus 5 pour boiling water and leave under water for 60 seconds. Then the mobile continues to operate normally.

Blogger jerryrigeverything once during the disassembly of the smartphone found that the manufacturer did not use glue between the screen and the case, also left unprotected slot for the SIM card. Therefore, in real terms, if your phone falls under water, he may not survive it.

Other sources report that the body of the OnePlus 5 protected in accordance with the requirements of class IP67, which means it can be at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.



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