Tests CPU Intel Core i9-7900X demonstrate a huge difference in energy consumption compared to the predecessor. And not in favor of the first

Intel Core i9-7900X — the highest performing processor family Skylake-X from the first wave of sales. We will remind, 12-core CPU Core i9-7920X will be available in August, and the older model will appear only in October.

Yesterday evening in the network appeared the first reviews of 10-core Intel innovations. Recall, Intel Core i9-7900X supports Hyper-Threading, running at frequencies 3,3-4,3-4,5 GHz, has 13,75 MB cache third level and TDP is 140 watts.

Intel has not yet announced prices, but sources say about 1000 dollars. Pre-orders for these processors will start June 19 and by will of June 26.

So, we suggest to familiarize with the test results obtained by two sources.

Since AMD Ryzen Threadripper, which will compete with the greater part of the Skylake-X, not yet published, it is more correct to compare the Core i9-7900X with its predecessor: Core i7-6950X. This CPU also has ten cores, it has the same TDP, but lower frequency (3,0-3,5-4,0), with significantly more high cost ($1700).

As you can see, in most tests the new CPU is faster. But not all the difference will be very noticeable, and sometimes the old man and is taking the lead. More importantly, Core i9-7900X under load consumes more power! Much more. One source of difference in consumption out of 82 watts, and the other 72. When supposedly identical TDP is just an incredible difference and the biggest question for the new CPU.

Thus, the owners of the Core i7-6950X can either safely ignore this generation, or wait autumn when appears even more monstrous CPU. Those who only going to buy a HEDT platform, the new product may attract very interesting, in comparison with the predecessor. But for the full picture it is necessary to wait for AMD.



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