Testing blogger jerryrigeverything once showed that smartphone Google Pixel 2 has a number of features

Google Pixel 2 fell into the hands of the blogger jerryrigeverything once and was subjected to a standard set of tests. The result was several not the way you would expect.

Yes, the screen is scratched in exactly the same way as most other devices. Test the heating of the screen is not passed, as is the OLED panel, but this test is very far from real scenarios.

As you know, smartphones, Pixel 2 is made of aluminum alloy, but the test showed that it is not covered with paint, and a layer of plastic. This is not the first such case. For example, the same feature is inherent in LG G5, and first generation models Samsung Galaxy A.

In addition, Pixel 2 is not the best way coped with the test curve. It failed to break completely, but the casing is in place the antenna is cracked, haven’t met in flagship smartphones. In the end, we cannot say that the new Google requires quite a reverent attitude, but not the most careful user better get a case. By the way, the first model Pixel test on a bend was better but also not perfect.



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