Test production of the Nintendo NX will begin this quarter

A week ago we wrote about Nintendo NX, the heart of which should provide a new SOC Nvidia Tegra. It is expected that it should become a hybrid between home and portable gaming system.

A source from a Taiwanese supply chain claims that the test Nintendo NX production kicks off in the third quarter of this year. And full production will start early next quarter, that is around October. Thus, Nintendo will be ahead of the agreed schedule for the whole quarter. If to speak more precisely, full-scale production NX Nintendo was supposed to start in the second quarter of 2016, but due to various changes in the design and characteristics of this stage was postponed for the beginning of 2017.

More than 40% of the starting batch will be manufactured at the factories of Foxconn Electronics, the remainder of the trust contract Japanese collectors Misumi Electronics and Hosiden. In the list of suppliers include Foxconn Technology, Macronix International, Pixart Imaging and Delta Electronics, which are responsible, respectively, for case, flash memory, image sensor and power supply of the new console.



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