Test panels micro-LED will start already this year

Manufacturers, developing technology panels micro LED, can start trial production in the second half. This was reported by a source with reference to representatives of the industry.

It is known that among those interested in micro-LED, Apple, in 2014, purchased the developer of this technology LuxVue. According to unconfirmed information, the company LuxVue in the Northern part of Taiwan at the end of the year will start trial production of panels micro-LED.

The second manufacturer can start producing panels micro-LED in the next half of the year, this Taiwanese company PlayNitride. The intention is to buy PlayNitride attributed to Samsung Electronics.

Experts PlayNitride developed technology transfer microvertical on a substrate with thin film transistors. Displays made using this technology may appear in the headsets, virtual and augmented reality, smartphones and TVs in 2019.

Own technology in the asset Institute ITRI, which is looking for a production partner to commence test production.

Source: Digitimes


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