Tesla told how much the new owners of its cars will be charging at the Supercharger stations

At the end of last year the company Tesla Motors announced that it will soon cease to provide owners of its cars, free electricity for charging. The implication was that existing car owners will continue to charge the car for free all their life, and those who buy cars after January 1, will receive only 400 kWh free electricity per year, and after exhaustion of the limit for charging have to pay. How much, then, was not reported.

In the end, Tesla extended the «action» until 15 January, and today announced, in how much the owners of electric vehicles will cost charging stations Supercharger. As noted, prices will vary slightly for each country, and within the U.S. due to differences in tax features of each state.

Where possible, motorists will pay for each kWh, which «spilled over» into the car, which is the correct option. Where such a scenario would be for some reason impossible, the owners of electric cars will pay for the time spent on charging.

But that’s not all. In the case of payment by time is still the division into two types. The first involves the charging of cars to the level of not more than 60%. Second, respectively, includes machines that need to charge over that level. The first type of charge half the price of the second. This is due to feature fast-charging technology.

As for prices, then, for example, in new York it’s 19 cents per kWh, and Louisiana 7 cents per minute charge for the first type and 14 cents per minute on the second. Lowest cost in USA is 11 cents per kWh.

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