Tesla started taking pre-orders for its «solar roof» Solar Roof

At the end of last year, Tesla introduced the «solar roof» Solar Roof — solar panels that mimic the conventional design for roofs of private houses materials.

Today, the company announced the start accepting pre-orders for these products. Install Solar Roof will begin in the summer, but this only applies to USA. Outside of this country Tesla expects to start installing «solar roof» next year.

Initially will be available two types of registration: Smooth and Textured. Tuscan Slate and will appear early next year.

It should also be noted that Tesla is offering Solar Roof tiles without actually solar panels, as absurd as it may sound. However, it is completely logical. Not everyone will want (and will pay) to install solar panels over the entire area of the roof of the house. So Tesla offers owners to acquire as much of the tiles with solar panels as they need, and the remaining area is to use a similar design, but significantly less expensive tile without any high-tech elements.

The company reports that a typical homeowner will pay 21.85 dollar per square foot (0,0929 m2) of this material. The site has a calculator to calculate, but it is currently unavailable.



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