Tesla showed how they see the world the electric company

Tesla at the weekend released a video showing the operation of the autopilot system found in the Tesla Model S and Model X.

In the video we are shown a picture with four cameras: one fixed in the salon, and shows that he sees the passenger, three cameras show how I perceive our world is electric vehicles company. Green and blue rectangles, the system allocates vehicles and pedestrians, violet road signs. Also, the car recognizes the different types of markings and the border of the roadway. In the video you can see that the pedestrian detection, the vehicle reduces speed, being ready for various scenarios.

The man in the hot seat is there because of local regulations, he has not taken any action, but at any moment can take control themselves. At the end of the movie, he gets out of the car, which automatically parked on a free place.

We will remind, a month ago, the company said that the autopilot will be equipped with all Tesla cars including the younger version of the sedan Tesla Model 3.

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