Tesla responded to the Chinese accident, correcting the terminology on its website

Last week in China, an accident involving Tesla. Of course, the news would not appear in the media, if the accident did not happen at that time, the car was under the control of the autopilot feature.

In this case it was so, but the owner of the car, Luo Zhen (Zhen Luo), accuses the manufacturer that Tesla is in its cars serves the function that way, as if it is a complete autopilot that introduces ordinary users astray. Besides, in the Chinese market, the company uses the term «self-driving», which she avoids to use in English-speaking countries.

Apparently, out of harm’s way Tesla was removed from the Chinese site controversial phrase. However, a company representative said that the issue of differences in languages has nothing to do with the negotiated traffic accidents. Supposedly the company is constantly working to overcome language barriers.

Now Tesla describes the autopilot feature phrase of three words — «Autonomous driving assistant».



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