Tesla remotely unlock car batteries Florida residents fleeing hurricane «Irma»

This news appeared online a few days ago, but missed many thematic resources.

As you know, recently on the U.S. East coast hurricane «Irma», which became the most powerful in the last 10 years. Of course, this resulted in an Exodus of residents from affected by the disaster regions.

According to the source, the company Tesla decided very unusual to help owners of their cars. Tesla remotely unlock cars Model S 60 X 60 and 60D blocked part of AKB. By themselves, these cars are equipped with batteries with a capacity of 75 kWh, but it is software limited to 60 kWh To the residents of Florida, and it is their most concerns bad weather, there were as many opportunities as possible to get away from danger, Tesla remotely and, of course, free unblocked battery.

Of course, the increase of 15 kWh is not particularly significant, but it is not that. It is important, first, the relationship of Tesla to its customers, and secondly, the mere possibility of the company cars. Because no other car in the world you cannot remotely take and improve a simple firmware update.



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