Tesla plans to start manufacturing cars in Shanghai

Even in the fall of 2015, it became known that the company Tesla Motors is negotiating with Chinese authorities, intending to obtain permission for the production of its electric vehicles on the territory of the country.

China’s automobile market is the largest in the world, however, and without that not too affordable Tesla after import in the country is becoming more expensive by 25%.

Fresh data from Bloomberg indicate that Elon Musk (Elon Musk) is currently negotiating with the government on Shanghai all the details regarding the opening of local production of the Tesla. To do this, Tesla will have to set up a joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer in which the American company will own only 50%.

The Musk said that the production of electric vehicles in China will reduce their price to the inhabitants of the country about 30%.

Tesla has not yet said who will be her partner and when production starts.



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