Tesla more than doubled the revenue of 53% increase in auto sales, but still remains unprofitable

The company Tesla, among others, reported for the second quarter of 2017 financial year. During the reporting period, the manufacturer bailed out of 2.79 billion dollars, more than double the year-ago result, when revenue stood at $ 1.27 billion dollars.

Despite this, and the constantly increasing car sales, Tesla still deeply unprofitable. In the last quarter net loss amounted to 401,4 million to $ 293,2 million a year earlier.

Given the huge funds needed by the company to increase production capacity since the launch of the Model 3, this is not surprising.

Going back to revenue, it is, of course, largely due to the sale of cars. This trend has brought Tesla to 2.29 billion dollars. Even 286,8 million and 216,2 million had sales of power plants and services, respectively.

For the quarter, the company shipped 47 077 car, which is 53% higher than a year earlier. The company also notes that daily receives around 1,800 pre-orders for the Model 3.

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