Tesla may place production in Ukraine

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan tested the electric Tesla Model S, while simultaneously giving an interview to the employee of the Ukrainian company Elmob that deals with electric cars.

In the course of the conversation touched on various topics relating to the prospects of development of electric transport in Ukraine, it is possible to significant reduce the price of electric cars and of Tesla and its products.

Vladimir Omelian said that the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has already started negotiations with Tesla over the opening of the country’s factories. It should immediately be noted that Ukraine could become a country, in which will be some components and not finished products.

According to the Omelyan, nobody is talking about analog girafarig or a full-fledged plant to manufacture the new sedan Tesla Model 3, however, the negotiations continue and are successful. Also Omeljan confirmed the plans for the construction of new fueling stations for an innovative transport this year.

He added that the country with the Tesla factory is automatically in the top ten countries that deal with electric vehicles.

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